Spring 2020 Newsletter

The Fallen Journalists Memorial (FJM) Foundation continues to advocate for a permanent memorial for journalists who have died in pursuit of the truth. Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been humbled by the incredible work of journalists in communities across the country. These are trying times for everyone and journalists have been working tirelessly to continue bringing the latest news and developments to the American people. We salute all journalists working through this pandemic and will continue to support their work moving forward.

Fallen Journalists Memorial Supports Freedom Forum Announcement

Following the closure of the Newseum earlier this year, the FJM Foundation is working with the Freedom Forum to educate the public about the importance of journalism, the dangers journalists face and efforts to honor those who have perished in its pursuit. Earlier this month, the FJM Foundation supported the Freedom Forum’s announcement of eleven men and women to its Journalists Memorial to represent all journalists who died or were killed while reporting the news in 2019.  

Barbara Cochran, president of the Fallen Journalists Memorial Foundation, said, “For 24 years, the Freedom Forum has honored fallen journalists annually and has created an archive of their stories that serves as a legacy and inspiration for all who value a free press. We are honored to support them as they announce the 2019 representatives. We are also proud to have the Freedom Forum’s support in working to build a public memorial in the nation’s capital to commemorate journalists who died in pursuit of the truth.”

Jan Neuharth, chair and CEO of the Freedom Forum added, “We believe it is time for a national memorial on public land that will commemorate journalists who have sacrificed their lives to pursue the news. We are joining with the Fallen Journalists Memorial Foundation to ensure that our country has a national commemorative memorial to journalists in our nation’s capital.”
COVID-19 precautions forced the cancellation of a formal public ceremony, but the list of journalists being added this year, their stories and a video of keynote remarks by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Carol Guzy are available at www.freedomforum.org.  

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Only private funds will be used to develop and build the Fallen Journalists Memorial; no federal funds will be used.